Johnny West Characters & accesories - Auburn - horse wagons for sale

Johnny West Characters & accesories — Auburn

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I have a well loved but still in great shape Johnny West Family and accesories.

1 horse, blonde   1970  Louis Marx company

2 horses, 1 blonde 1 red   1965  Louis Marx company

1 horse   blonde   1968  Louis Marx company

Indian   greyish   1967   Louis Marx company

Husband  tanish  1965   Louis Marx company

Wife    blue  1965     Louis Marx company

Daughter   blue   1967   Louis Marx company

Son     tanish    1967  Louis Marx company

Wagon  Charcol w/red wheels   unmarked

4 Ziplock quart bags full of accesories


These were well loved but still in super condition. They are highly collectible and need a great new home where they will be displayed and taken care of. I have researched them and find many different prices. Please feel free to email me with your offers. I will contact the lucky bidder on Monday July 23, 2007. Thank you all ahead of time. Have a great weekend. I am in Auburn WA and would prefer a local sale to not have to charge extra for shipping.